Can a foreigner own a property in Thailand?

In accordance with Thai law, any foreign citizen has the legal right to own a real estate in the Kingdom of Thailand.

A foreigner has full legal right to own:

  1. Condominium Unit on Freehold or Leasehold bases.
  2. House or any building on Freehold or Leasehold bases.
  3. Land plot registered on Leasehold bases or land plot registered on Freehold bases under Company name incorporated in Thailand.

For the Deal you need to have just the passport and amount of the reservation fee.

The laws of Thailand are simple enough to understand and very straightforward, it's easy to follow by knowing the basic principles and rules.
In addition, Thai legislation is not retroactive, i.e. the conditions that are valid at the time of the transaction cannot be changed in the future. Any changes in the future do not apply to any events that happened before.
In addition, Thailand is developing the state by leaps and bounds, including through foreign investment, so they are extremely careful about their investors and their reputation as an investment-reliable partner on the world market.

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